Gypsy Riddle

2014 Proprietary Red Blend - Paso Robles

2014 Proprietary Red Blend - Paso Robles

Gypsy Riddle 2014 Proprietary Red Blend - Paso Robles - The Authentic 3 Finger Wine Company
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This brooding monster is what Paso is all about.  It’s big, beautiful and all consuming.  It’s like a direct hit from a torpedo of liquid triumph square on your kisser.

Darker than a book of spells this temptress of a wine will charm you with her cabalistic spirit.  Aromas of rosebuds, dried strawberry, Dr. Pepper and wild herbs will lull you into reverie.  Once she has you in her clutches she unleashes flavors of smoky pork soaked in blueberry soda!  Teriyaki and blackberry jam!  Black currant and blacker plum!  Chocolate sauce and beef char!  She will lash at you from every angle in a riot of hidden pleasure with unerring perfection.  Will she ever stop?  Yes. Yes she will… but slowly and with a lingering kiss of caramel-laced cappuccino served in a chalice made of toasted graham cracker.

  • Blend 44% Grenache, 43% Mourvedre, 12% Syrah, 1% Petite Sirah
  • Appellation Paso Robles
  • Alcohol 15.5%
  • Production 420 cases