2019 Napa Valley Chardonnay

2019 Napa Valley Chardonnay

Halcyon 2019 Napa Valley Chardonnay - The Authentic 3 Finger Wine Company
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Sometimes I close my eyes and let my mind drift back to my days of youth. 35 mm snippets of gossamer reflections of sitting on a sun-drenched dock with my larger than life father and plopping a bobber into murky waters, or falling into my mother’s warm arms… She always smelled of spring flowers. My dog Sam wasn’t the best at fetching a tennis ball, but he always did his best and that fresh can of tennis balls, which I wasn’t supposed to open - that pop and that marvelous rubbery smell… That’s the good stuff… These memories always seemed to be framed in that Golden Hour of the day. Blissful, serene and idyllic. Halcyon memories of a foregone age…

Well, that’s what this Chardonnay delivers. The bouquet of fresh peach, ripe apricot and orange blossom and white jasmine is complemented perfectly with the dulcet flavors of lemon chiffon and its flakey buttery crust. Luscious pineapple gives way to toasted  macadamia custard and a curtsy of Fantasia Nectarine. Sit back, close your eyes and float on a Halcyon sea of better days and think of the best ones that are yet to come.

Technical Information
  • Alcohol 14.2%
  • Production 300 cases