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Voodoo Vixen

2013 Syrah - Sonoma Coast

2013 Syrah - Sonoma Coast

Voodoo Vixen 2013 Syrah - Sonoma Coast - The Authentic 3 Finger Wine Company
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This is our first Syrah release and we love Syrah, so how good do you think this one is?  The Sonoma Coast is perhaps the best spot for modern Syrah in the world. Add iconic wine-making skills from one of the best and you get a wonderful liquid thunderbolt, like the priestess’ pin to the doll’s head, it will put a spell on you.                                                                                

With more tension than a hunter’s bow this gorgeous vixen’s silhouette is pure chiseled obsidian outlined in wet red lipstick.  Filled to the brim with flavors of layered blackberry jam, smoked brisket, candied violet, espresso and boysenberries steeped in black tea, this bewitching elixir shows splendor and grace with every sip.  Now go do that Voodoo that you do so well…